Edm Blogs

Edm Blogs

Electronic dance music is such a huge industry today that it is difficult to know where to start. Here are some of the most popular websites and blogs dedicated to electronic dance music and the reason why they are famous.

Electronic dance Music Blog

This blog uses eight varieties of email formats including Lorem gypsum. The Elelctronic Dance Music blog hires up to 100 people worldwide and if looking for the best EDM information on the world wide web, this free to join website is arguably the best place to go.

DJ Drama

DJ Drama

A website run by DJs, musicians, radio stations, record labels and industry experts, DJ Drama is a weekly website that covers news about music, DJ reviews and DJ advice. This is also one of the most popular blogging websites among DJs.

DJ Mixx

A multi site weekly, DJ Mixx covers news, interviews, reviews, and advice. Popular website DJTalk’s editors are the people who run DJ Mixx. It should definitely be highon the bucket list if you are a serious electronic dance music fan.

DJ Tech Tools

Another website run by DJs themselves, DJ Tech Tools covers topics like DJing reviews, news, mix archives etc. It provides the reader with an extensive collection of music related articles, videos and much more. It is definitely a good way to learn something new about music and a must read for aspiring as well as established DJs.

DJ Times

Dj run website DJ Times posts five days a week with articles dedicated to news, DJ reviews and events. It is a completely free website to register and access and is a great source of news and information.

Electronic Music

It is a weekly online magazine. This website is also free and features DJ saying news, reviews, interviews, and a lot of information about dance music. Being run by DJs, it is completely free to join and is a great resource for DJs who missed or could not attend live shows.

Online DJ magazines

There are several magazines that are a good place to find interviews, news, reviews and information about electronic music. The online versions of these DJ magazines are more difficult to find on the internet than the printed versions, but it is definitely worth a try. There are a lot of them out there, so you are bound to bump into at least a few somewhere.



This is an online music magazine dedicated solely to electronic music. The online forum holds great discussions regarding any and every electronic music and artist, and it is free to join.


This is a comparatively more difficult blog to navigate, but the quality of the articles, discussions and comments are top notch and deserve a read. This electronic music blog covers all aspects of DJing and dance music and also offers weekly lists of upcoming events.

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